Exposition Cartier: Passing on Heritage and savoir faire – Musée de l’Hermitage – Russie

Ouverture : février 2021
Superficie : 250 m2
Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Maison Cartier & The State Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg, Russia
Commissariat : Olga Kostuk
Scénographe : Sylvain Roca
Graphisme : Atelier Bastien Morin
Conception lumière : Reflet et Lumesens – Emeric Thiénot
« Cartier: Passing on Heritage and Savoir-Faire » at the State Hermitage Museum brings together two main themes: the history of restoration of the museum’s masterpieces and the role of Cartier in the preservation and recognition of traditional craftsmanship. This exhibition presents a dialogue between 35 jewels, timepieces and precious objects from the Cartier Collection and the Hermitage masterpieces, mirroring their materials and techniques, inspirations and styles. The five chapters of the exhibition highlight Cartier-s mission to promote and pass on traditional savoir-faire, which the Maison considers as true gems, and a « living heritage », which the Maison continues to use in its contemporary creations today. This ambition, shared by Cartier and the State Hermitage Museum alike, is at the heart of the exhibition. At the center of each showcase is a masterpiece from the Hermitage Museum collections that has been restored thanks to the collaboration with Cartier. All other works belong to the Cartier Collection.